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The Vespa Committee of Washington, DC Inc.

Our Mission is to educate others about Italian culture and the nexus between Italian culture, art, design and the general breadth of the impact of the Vespa, including its long history within the Italian culture as an iconic symbol of liberty and making that history available for generations to come.


Mark Bobotek

Mike Bond

Sue Bupp

BreeAnne Chadwick

Jeff Chadwick

Tom Constable

Diaa Elbashir

Chris Haughie

Ed Howe

Sunny Howe, Treasurer

Ellis Malave

Dave Mangano

Erik McCoy

Ray Moser

Charles Smeed, President and Chairman

Rose Viozzi

Eileen Vitelli

Finnea Ann Wagaman

Christine Webber

Vice President-Secretary, vacancy

Willy Meaux, Founding Member, Emeritus


As an organization dedicated to the celebration of an iconic Italian symbol of liberty, we are proud to have emerged from our recent beginning as a program committee of the Casa Italiana Sociocultural Center to our present status as an independent  foundation with our own unique mission, celebrating Italian art, design, performing art and the freedom we all enjoy thanks to the Vespa.


Corradino D'Ascanio, the designer of the original Vespa and many subsequent models, deserves to be celebrated for his contribution to the world for this artful, elegant, energy efficient and splendid way to travel.  We enjoy reaching the cultural events we celebrate by the Vespa.  You can be one of the Vespisti too.  Benvenuto!